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for iPod and Other Portable Music Players

Now you can play a custom ChatterBlocker mix from your iPod, iPhone or other portable music player, or from your computer using iTunes or mp3 software. The following recordings are available for US $9.99.

Mix includes

ChatterBlocker Nature Sounds for Noise Masking

ChatterBlocker Nature Sounds for Voice Masking is a 30-minute audio loop of nature sounds and distant vocal chatter, now available from the iTunes store. This recording does not include any potentially distracting musical tones.

Cave Wind
Spanish Banks
Male Chatter - Low
Male Chatter - High

ChatterBlocker MP3


ChatterBlocker MP3 is an audio download of nature sounds, background chatter and musical tones in MP3 format. It can be played on all MP3 players, or directly from any home computer with mp3 playback software. Listen to a short excerpt.

  Silver Creek
Male Chatter - Low
Female Chatter - Low
Babbling Brook

If you prefer to have the full flexibility of the ChatterBlocker software, you can order ChatterBlocker for Mac OS X or Windows for US $19.95. The ChatterBlocker software lets you create your own mix of nature sounds, music and background chatter to reduce the intelligibility of unwanted conversations.


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