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Fantastic App -- Performs as advertised ★★★★★
by MystikSpiral

I downloaded the app to my phone after using the Desktop version for sometime and I am thrilled with the new version. I use it at work regularly and have even used to to help a cranky baby fall asleep and stay asleep just by playing it next to the crib. Awesome!

Also Great for Blocking Out TV Noise When Reading Nearby ★★★★★

by psglen1

A great app., equivalent to ChatterBlocker on the Mac which I have been using for a number of years. My wife snores and keeps me awake at times. No "sleep noise" app. had supplied a frequency low enough and varying enough to block out her snoring. By mixing "Male Chatter - Medium" at half volume with "Creek" at full volume, I finally have an app which works great for not only blocking out TV noise while I'm reading in the next room but also her snoring. Substantially different from other sleep apps, and the voice "chatter" selections make it superior in significant ways. My only complaint is that the custom mix like the one I created will not "hold" after the app is closed by tapping the home button and then removing the app from the bottom "open app" bar. In that case, I have to re-create my custom mix. Perhaps, in the absence of a sync feature, Apple makes such a thing impossible. This is a small issue, however. Highly recommended.

Fantastic- best noise-canceling app ★★★★★
by Untangling the Ball

This app was a godsend I discovered while staying in a hostel in Spain. It helped me sleep in a room with 5 other people who were snoring, whispering, talking loudly, and making noise with their suitcases. I love this app! Way more effective and relaxing than plain white noise or an oscillating fan noise.

by amindlikewater

I have used the chatterblocker software, the chatterblocker mp3 (for locked down environments) and now the chatterblocker app. These guys know their stuff. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I emailed for support and received a swift and accurate response. Try this app, you will not be disappointed.

The best noise blocker you'll find.
by themightymjd

It works impeccably. Way better than anything else I've tried. At $2.99, the price is extremely fair, too (though it does make me a little grumpy at having paid $20 for the Windows version).

But whatever. If you need help concentrating in a louder, more chatty environment, this is the app you want.

It took a long time but...
by Resrobin

Well worth the wait! Works the same way as my desktop version. Does exactly what it says it will do. Great productivity app.

From Review Sites:

Extremely Useful
"ChatterBlocker obviously doesn't work miracles but it really does help you to focus on your work by blocking out the sounds. The apps interface allows you to specify the type of noise that you are trying to block out. You basically select one of the noise types from a list (or you can select multiple choices) and select how loud it is. After this, you can select a few sounds that you might like to hear and bingo, the app does the rest of the work for you and begins blurring speech and blocking out noise. Overall, this works really well as there are a lot of different noise options to choose from. For example, you can choose things like "Female Chatter", "Male Chatter" and many others... The truth is that the app does what it says on the tin and for a measly $2.99, you are getting a good deal, especially if it actually helps with productivity."

Finally, divine calmness for concentrated working
"Incredibly, something that can really work to fight fire with fire... ChatterBlocker provides several natural sounds and indistinct conversations from a distance, that can be configured as presets. As a result, superficial conversations in the area, disrupting the concentration, are hidden to the user.... In a small test, in a busy place with the standard iPhone headset, the desired results works surprisingly well, and I could concentrate fully on writing an e-mail."
Appgefahren blog for iPhone, iPad & Mac (translated from German)

ChatterBlocker for iPhone blocks out unwanted conversations
"With my iPhone as my default MP3 player, it's a handy tool to drown out other noises and focus on my work. However, there are situations where listening to music isn't all that effective at blocking out other sounds and The Sound Guy has come to the rescue for those times with the release of ChatterBlocker for the iPhone, an app that masks the noise of conversations around you with background chatter and nature sounds.
The voice sounds offered are unintelligible chatter, as if you were standing near a crowd of people talking but not close enough to be able to hear exactly what they're saying. The Sound Guy claims that these types of sounds can reduce the intelligibility of conversations near you, allowing you to ignore them more easily to focus on whatever you're doing. In my brief tests with ChatterBlocker at a busy coffee shop, selecting the appropriate voice types of those closest to me and the nature sounds I preferred, I found this to work as claimed for the most part."

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