Easy Mode

In ChatterBlocker's Easy Mode, you can select from a menu of Presets that specify combinations of voices, music, and sound effects. You can also pause or resume playback, and control the master volume level.

Here is a diagram of ChatterBlocker in Easy Mode, with each of the controls numbered. For each number, the control is described below.

Easy Mode diagram
(1) Presets menu
Choose a preset combination of Voices, Music, and Sound Effects.
(2) Pause/Play button
Pause or resume playback of selected Preset.
(3) Master Volume slider
Control overall volume of Voices, Music, and Sound Effects.
(4) Close button
Exit ChatterBlocker.
(5) Help button
Bring up this Help dialog.
(6) Advanced/Easy button
Expand to Advanced Mode, for custom settings and to save/delete custom Presets, or shrink to Easy Mode.