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Noise is the most frequently cited problem in the open-plan office environment. It scrambles the ability to concentrate and contributes to stress, absenteeism and employee turnover.

ChatterBlocker masks unwanted chatter using a soothing blend of nature sounds, music and background chatter. The goal is to render speech less intelligible, because intelligible speech is often the most distracting sound in the workplace.

ChatterBlocker also offers mindfulness meditation tracks intended to increase concentration, reduce distractibility and minimize the stress response to office noise.



ChatterBlocker's Easy Window lets you play the presets of your choice. (Click on the image for a larger screenshot.)



ChatterBlocker's Advanced Window lets you create your own mix of music, nature sounds and background voices. (Click on the image for a larger screenshot.)


Would you like to play a custom mix of ChatterBlocker's output from your iPod or other mp3 jukebox, or from your home computer using iTunes or other mp3 software? ChatterBlocker MP3 is now available for US $9.99.



Audio technology masks distracting voices

ChatterBlocker uses auditory masking to reduce the intelligibility of nearby conversations so they no longer distract you. Digital sound files help blur unwanted speech with sounds that are similar in frequency, but not distracting. The result is a low, soothing murmur that fades to the back of your awareness. Many workers report increased relaxation and concentration.

Work better without disturbing others

ChatterBlocker works well at surprisingly low volume levels in most cases. You can raise the volume for noisier environments, but you don’t have to “drown out” sounds to get relief from them. Also, most people find ChatterBlocker less distracting than music.

Relax your body, focus your mind

ChatterBlocker includes the comforting sounds of ocean waves, bird songs and babbling brooks. These sounds help mask unwanted chatter; they also relax unnecessary tension so you can concentrate on your work.

Combine audio tracks for relief in any environment

ChatterBlocker includes digitally encoded audio loops in three categories: Voices, Music and Sound Effects. You can play any number of tracks simultaneously, or choose from presets designed to neutralize common types of noise. You can also create new presets or even add your own music files and playlists.

Meditations sharpen your focus and reduce distractibility

When you need a break, play the built-in mindfulness meditation tracks. These are designed to help strengthen your natural ability to focus and tune out distraction. They’re also a great way to clear and refresh your mind between work sessions. ChatterBlocker also includes sound tracks of ocean waves, bird songs and babbling brooks that not only mask unwanted chatter but also help ease tension while you work.

Bell loops offer periodic reminders

Activate ChatterBlocker's built-in bell sounds and get periodic reminders to take a deep breath, take a break or check your posture — whatever you want them to mean. You may be surprised to find that you've been holding your breath or sitting in an uncomfortable position, which increases stress and decreases your ability to think clearly and creatively.


If you'd like to know more, look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, download the demo, or read our background papers:

"Coping with Speech Noise in the Modern Workplace"
"Learning to Tune Out Distraction"


ChatterBlocker is available now for US $19.95. Attractive site license prices are available: contact us for more info. We welcome purchase orders.