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"I'm a software developer and your product has really helped me get my work done.... I work in a cube farm and this is a life saver."

"I love chatterblocker! It's turned into one of those apps that I wonder how I ever lived without!"

"CB has proven to be invaluable in maintaining my concentration despite a few particularly chatty people walking around here..."

"If, like me, you are a developer and struggling in a noisy office for a company that doesn't get it... then check out ChatterBlocker. It works much better than music at drowning out background voices, it's not distracting, you can put it up loud if you need to without affecting others, and it also works great in the background when listening to podcasts to drown out the noisy people in the office!" — Open Plan Offices, What a Huge Mistake

"Chatter Blocker is just what I needed to eliminate the distractions of loud and inconsiderate coworkers! I had tried music, but it too was distracting."

"I work as flight attendant and suffer from nervousness and strong sensitivity to noise, cause by long night shifts, irregular working hours and a noisy neighbor at home. I read of chatterblocker in an old issue of Cosmopolitan, looked at your homepage and - to be frank - thought it was a fraud. Now, about 2 years later, I just gave it a try. I cannot believe how happy I feel just after listening to Cypress Goats for about 20 Minutes! Mentally, I'm just being transferred to Switzerland, sitting on a mountain and watching the goats (sometimes with rain or with a brook nearby). My forehead, my shoulders etc. are relaxing, but the best thing is to feel soothed. At EASE at last! And this for 18 Euros, unbelievable. I don't know how to thank you. Best regards from Germany."

"I downloaded the demo and used it yesterday and it worked very well.... It is a must buy for anybody that works regularly in an office environment."

"Yesterday I purchased Chatterblocker for Mac OX X Version 1.1.3 and it has been a miracle - I work in a very noisy office and share a cubicle with a coworker who talks all day, and this was beginning to take a toll on my ability to concentrate on my work."

Unicyclist displays ChatterBlocker t-shirt

Rodney Heil displaying his ChatterBlocker t-shirt during the 2009 Moab Mountain Unicycling Festival.

"I just bought ChatterBlocker for a purpose you may not have known existed. I have a newborn baby, and I read a book that says that when your newborn gets colicky (meaning she freaks out and cries hysterically - not a pleasant situation), what you do is shush her very loudly, repeatedly. The rationale is that your shushing mimics the loud sounds of the womb. I used Chatterblocker to mindblowing success last night. Our baby quieted down immediately after I played the Cave Wind and Babbling Brook. I didn't need to exert myself -- it was 1:30 AM and I was already exhausted -- so ChatterBlocker really helped me out. Well worth the $20 already."

"Excellent Program! Tried the downloadable version and really liked it. I look forward to the additional sounds..."

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I work in a relatively quiet open-plan office with no partitions however there are some quite loud people in my immediate vicinity. Their phone calls can be really distracting and up until now I've tended to use music. However I found it difficult to find music that was a constant volume necessary to block out the loud chatter. Plus the music was distracting in itself. I think the "chatter" samples are really good. After a while I get used to them and they're just in the background, but they successfully block out the majority of annoying office chatter."

"My cubicle mate said she thought you guys must have been driven insane by coworkers to have devised this effective tool. [That's exactly right...] White noise and its variants really do help buffer the inevitable inane chatter that pollutes an office's serenity. Some jobs require a lot of chatter, too. This is a great idea (and reasonably priced)."

"Great product, and I love the poster!"

"From the testing I have done, it seems to be quite effective."

"Wow, I am recommending this to all of my coworkers. We don't have to hear each other any more. Just sit and work quietly. This has changed my life."

"The program is awesome! Kudos and respect :)"

"Wahooo! I don't want to kill my Cubicle mates anymore. I listened to the demo and within ten minutes I was calmer and was able to focus without distraction. I barely notice the coughing, cackling, and gossiping. Well worth the $19.95. Thanks so much!"


"Editor's Choice: Increase concentration and reduce the distraction of ambient noise at home and in the office"

"We quickly arrived at a soothing mix of rain noise and airy chords to block out passing trains and next door’s techno."

"...we consider it a great find with applications beyond those modestly cited by its developers."

MacWorld UK  5-star rating from MacWorld UK Editor's Choice Award from MacWorld UK

"Download of the Day"

"Choose a preset concoction of nature sounds or male and/or female voices to drown out distracting ambient noise, like Milton listening to the radio at an unreasonable volume in the cubicle next to you. Not just a white noise maker, you can customize your own theme with ChatterBlocker, by mixing and matching voices, music and sound effects to create the most effective sound neutralizer for you. Check out the detailed advanced mixer interface..."

ChatterBlocker is also featured as "Hack 44: Drown out Distracting Sounds" in the "Firewall Your Attention" chapter of Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better, by Gina Trapani.

"Software blocks out office noise"

"If you work in an office with lots of distracting noise, Chatterblocker might save your sanity...."

" I got accustomed to the easy-to-use program and its pleasant sounds, I found myself pulled in, more relaxed and able to concentrate. The yammer and clatter of the newsroom faded away just a bit. There's some science behind it called psychoacoustics, which explores the subjective human perception of sound. But all I know is Chatterblocker's sounds tricked my brain and kept my attention from straying to other conversations."

"If you liked this story, thank Chatterblocker – I had it on the whole time."

The (North Jersey) Record

Making Cubicle Life More Bearable

"ChatterBlocker is a blessing, particularly if your problem is other people's conversations. It's a customizable background noise mixer which includes male and female voices chattering as well as music, ambient and nature noises. This provides a sort of counter-noise to the conversations that are bothering you, and makes it easier to ignore the words and let their voices blend in with the rest of the white noise. I've been using it for several years and consider it well worth the $20 [now $10]."

Bohemian Revolution

Tools for Writers

"Music can set a mood, support a feeling, enhance your creativity. It can also block out unwanted sounds from the street or from elsewhere in your house.... When I work with music, I generally prefer something meditative that is not too melodic, something that doesn't intrude too deeply into my consciousness. Among my favorites are... the nature sounds generated by ChatterBlocker software."

The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write, by Mark David Gerson

"One of my all-time favorites"

"I work in a suite of offices and it gets very noisy. This helps immeasurably!"

The Paper Chase

"Block Distracting Sounds with Software"

"From cubicles to coffeeshops to home offices, potential auditory distractions abound. All it takes is one penetrating background sound to throw you off your rhythm, costing you time and ideas.

"A $20 app called ChatterBlocker (Mac and Windows) generates a wide variety of sounds that block out distractions without drawing your attention to them. The program gives you control over levels of pink noise, music, nature sounds, and background chatter — 14 types of sounds in total. By tweaking settings, you can save presets for certain situations.

"(If only I'd known about this when I sat next to the sales team of the now-defunct wow, could those people talk.)"

Wired Blog Network / Listening Post

"Block Out Distractions"

"ChatterBlocker replaces the distracting hubbub around you with gentle sounds from nature... It comes with a dozen presets ready to go, but you can mix and make your own chatter-blocking soundtracks, too."

Windows Vista, Winter 2007

"Mute the Office"

"ChatterBlocker pumps a fine-tuned mix of ambient sounds, like rain, birdsong and gentle chords, into your cubicle to drown out the gabbing."

Popular Science, February 2009

"Tips to Drown Out Distractions"

"ChatterBlocker emits a subtle white noise from your computer to drown out chatty coworkers."

Cosmopolitan (!), September 2009

"Dive in a Pond of Surreal Sounds"

"... will provide you with hours of calm and inner joy."

"... nice out-of-this-world atmosphere..."

Editor's ratings:

User Interface 4 / 5
Features 4 / 5
Ease of Use 5 / 5
Price/Value 5 / 5
Overall 5 / 5 (Excellent)

"Surprisingly, it works"

"I downloaded some software - Chatterblocker - and it's been outstanding. The idea is that you can use the program to generate ambient noise, and this will help to mask the noises around you. One of the sound settings is background chatter...that indistinct sound of conversations you get when you're in a crowd. The ambient chatter helps to mask sound around you. It sounds seamless, so there's no loop that I could hear.

The neat thing is that I can also use nature sounds if I get tired of the crowd noise. And I can mix sounds. It added a bit of variety to my cubicle experience. I can mix the sound of goats in with a babbling brook (I'm still a few blocks short of relaxation city).

Surprisingly, it works. It's a little spooky, actually. But it works - and I'm fairly confident that there aren't any strange subliminal messages embedded in it. Although I did buy a cookies and cream chocolate bar on my way home from work..."

"Make your co-workers sound like Charlie Brown's Teacher"

"The Sound Guy might be able to help. Its ChatterBlocker software uses an auditory masking algorithm to render background conversations unintelligible."

"...choose the mix of noise/music piped into your eardrums. Select the tracks that come with the program, or supply your own."

Crave: The CNET Gadget Blog

"Coworker from Hell"

"There's been a coworker at the office that won't shut the hell up and who plays ridiculous music quite loudly. After awhile it was enough! Armed with a fresh installation of ChatterBlocker, we were about to put the software to the test."

"Once ChatterBlocker was started, it was instant gratification. The sounds of the office were merely a dull roar. It was like being transported to a tropical place."

"We found it better than listening to music because music has soft parts that you can hear the coworkers over. The ChatterBlocker clips played at a pretty even level throughout keeping the external chatter sounds at a constant minimum."


"Staff Pick

ChatterBlocker is a Staff Pick at (8/6/2007).

"Block Out Office Chatter"

This review of ChatterBlocker suggests that it may be helpful to people with Asperger's Syndrome, a condition which sometimes includes an extreme sensitivity to sound. (Note that this review does not constitute a product endorsement by Sterling C. Evans Library or Texas A&M University.)

Lowering the intelligibility of Speech

"When a soft background noise is added to a space, other conversations and noises are less easily understood. Although the term 'white noise' is widely used when referring to speech privacy or sound masking systems, the sound they produce
is less conspicuous than the 'hiss' of true white noise, and more effective. 'A sound masking system provides an acoustic perfume,' says Kring, and by lowering the intelligibility of speech, it can turn background chatter from an irritating noise
into a relaxing murmur.

"Many suppliers now offer these sound masking systems for use in all sorts of commercial premises, and affordable personal variants ( are also available. So, if you are working in an environment where the acoustic perfume is either ineffective or non-existent, why not add your own. It won't make you or your co-workers any less noisy or irritating, but it will make them a lot less noticeable."

— "Survival of the Fittest," ACCA Student Accountant magazine

"A Work-at-Home Parent's Dream"

"Normally I have a hard time writing when the television is on, which causes me to move on to unrelated tasks and lose my groove.

But that’s not a problem today.

Today I’m using ChatterBlocker....

With ChatterBlocker I’m able to stay on task, and remain in the same room with Mini-Me."

New Project Addict

"Friendly Audio Space"

"...when you have to work in not-so-quiet conditions (like working in a huge office with many different people with different characters, aims and tasks) you can’t avoid all that noise, but you can make your audiospace friendly enough to concentrate on your work.

That’s why you need ChatterBlocker software for being happy.

The way ChatterBlocker uses is filling space around you with some concentration-friendly sounds.... This approach works surprisingly well, even at low volumes ChatterBlocker achieves its goals completely.

The program has many helpful sounds and you can mix them into a soundtrack according to your preferences and environment. Also, there are several comprehensive presets for all common types of dirty audiospace." Smart Reviews

"Worth the Money"

"I think I'm going to have to buy this awesome program called ChatterBlocker. It's a collection of ambient sounds that you can mix together to create your own false reality while at work. I'm using it right now and instead of listening to the guy in the next cubical talk to his wife on the phone, I get to hear the ocean and a collection of birds. It's incredibly soothing and allows me to completely focus."

— Adam,